Flock of Dodos

I, my roommate, and apparently my friend Casey, went to go see Flock of Dodos. If you follow the link you’ll get a basic understanding of what the film is about, but basically it’s a documentary about the debate over what to teach in public schools: evolution or intelligent design. I’ve always thought that intelligent design came down to nothing more than revamped creationism, and this film basically agrees. It was made by an evolutionist, but he in no way insults or assaults believers of intelligent design personally. (So basically, he’s a lot easier to listen to than Michael Moore.) He concedes that intelligent design advocates are actually more personable than evolution scientists, which is one of the reasons intelligent design has taken such a hold of our country.

Anyway, I shouldn’t delve too much further into it. I’ll just say that I went in to the screening believing in evolution, and I left it believing in evolution. If I had believed in intelligent design before seeing the documentary, I’d probably not have changed my mind either. I doubt the meaning of the film was to sway the viewers; I think it served its purpose of presenting the debate fairly. And I highly recommend that you find a way to see it.


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