Cabin Fever

I’ve got it, alright.

Because of inclement weather, my state institution of employment decided to close yesterday. And they’re going to be closed today as well. It’s currently 1:30 AM and I’m awake. I think nothing of this, only that I wish so badly that I wasn’t in this terrible sleeping cycle. It’s the week, after all. Shouldn’t I be wasting time at work by day? Shouldn’t I be sound asleep right now, dreaming of emails and office supplies to come? No. I am only sitting here listening to Ryan Adams (go here if you have no idea who Ryan Adams is) and thinking about how I really need to do something other than watch TV when I wake up (which will probably be 9 hours from now).

I know what some might be thinking, reading this. That I should NOT be complaining about having to stay home from work and that I should just enjoy the snow that fell today. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate this time of freedom, these wonderful hours in which I completely control my time. But the thing is, I’m trapped inside of my house. All of Austin is seemingly discouraged from stepping foot outside, let alone driving somewhere. And living in a city like this, well, you live here because you like to go places. It’s just how it is. And I can’t go anywhere. And can you tell it’s making me a little crazy?

I told my roommate today that American Gladiators helped make me the person I am today. Anyone else know what I mean?


3 Responses

  1. I’m late on those links I promised. Please forgive me. I’m coming. Check your email by this weekend for them.

    Be safe!

  2. I told you to make American Gladiators part of the subject. Don’t you listen?


  3. I totally understand the American Gladiators thing. I’d give anything to get my hands on one of those giant Q-tips.

    Oh and, that sleep cycle thingy? And that tv watching thingy? That’s been me this week too. Except I was playing computer games instead of watching tv. I’m now the 5th most feared pirate in the Spanish Main.

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