It’s time I come clean about something. I’m in love with the caveman from the Geico commercials.

I’m not sure if Jared knows about this, but he shouldn’t worry. There’s no chance of me meeting this caveman, and even if I did I don’t think I’m his type.

There’s just something about his tone of voice, his constant frustration, his obvious intelligence that intrigues me. See this to understand what I mean.

Don’t worry, I’m still in love with the boyfriend. I wonder if he has any cavewoman crushes…


4 Responses

  1. This is unbelieveable! I love that caveman, too, but didn’t know who I could share that with. Whoever is acting under that makeup has such subtle nuances of emotion. He’s awesome. If you’ll notice, the commercials started with two or three cavemen. He’s the only one still working in them.

  2. You are weird. I have no idea what either of you are talking about.

    Caroline, if I were still available, I’d definitely take you with me to find guys, because I have a feeling that neither of us would get our feelings hurt because we wanted the same one…

  3. Sorry kiddo. We may both have had crushes on Jeff Goldblum, but that’s where the similarities end.

  4. […] Turns out it was a Geico ad, featuring our favorite disgruntled caveman. […]

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