Hello again

I haven’t written in a while. I was out of good internet contact during the weekend, and last night when I got home it was all I could do to stay awake long enough to find something on the Discovery channel to pass out to. (I’d had a bit to drink…)

I find that when my life is changing (or just plain happening), my urge to write about it subsides. Maybe I’m more of an introspective writer, one that feels the need to explain what’s going on inside of me more than record what’s going on around me. Or maybe I just get lazy sometimes.

I want to rearrange my room, but I feel as if I should wait just a little longer. Doesn’t feng shui tell me that I shouldn’t have the foot of my bed facing the door? Well it is. And I’m tired a lot. Maybe that’s why…

Any tips?

By the by, Feng Shui is also a really good Gnarls Barkley song. Sorry for the lack of links, but I’m lazy.


One Response

  1. I agree. Unless you lead an extremely exciting life, journal blogging can be rather boring to read….

    Did I just call you boring? hehe… I kid. I think your blog is very entertaining, especially the way you convey your excitement about such things as hitting a streak of green lights. Partly because I know you and know you do get extremely excited about such things!

    I think your current modus operandi of blogging about your reactions to every day events and your undying love for the cowboys and astros is a good formula.

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