Oh no. It happened again. At the beginning of this month I completely forgot to post an entry. I mean, I thought about it a lot that day, but nothing happened. Granted, internet access was spotty there, but geez, right? Well, I have no excuse for yesterday. I came to my parent’s house last night. My parents who have wireless internet. My parents who listened to me talk about my blog (well, my mom). I even uttered the words, “I need to remember to post an entry tonight.” But I also couldn’t wait to go to bed. Friday nights (or in this case, Wednesday nights) are usually nights that I crash into bed. It could actually be any night; all I need is to know that it’s the end of the work week for me, and I’m racing for my pillow as soon as I get home.

Anyway, the sad fact is that I forgot to post. And since I use blogger, I have no idea how to cheat and date this for the 22nd. And why would I? I’d lose a whole paragraph of my entry (see above)!

Lately it seems I’ve had a hard time remembering things. I found out today that I’ve forgotten to pay my Lerner (or New York and Company, whichever) credit card bill for TWO MONTHS. How does one forget to pay a bill for TWO MONTHS? I’ve come up with an explanation. The last time I paid, I thought to myself that I should just pay the whole thing off. It was only around $50 at the time, but it was a tight month (aren’t they all?). So I ultimately decided to just pay $25 and finish it off the next month. The next month came and went. As did the one after that (this one). I am flabbergasted. I just can’t believe that I didn’t even think about checking it.

My mother, the person I love with all my heart, seemed to be afraid that this would reflect badly on my credit rating. And she’s probably right. But to be completely honest, I just can’t make myself care too much about that. I realize that having an excellent credit rating can make life a LOT easier for you down the road, especially when you want to buy a house or a new car or what have you. But my credit rating was really good before this, and I just don’t think one little slip up will cost me anything big later in life. Plus, I’m so sick of the thought that we’re constantly working for something that’s so abstract–money. We might as well be using Monopoly money, because there isn’t enough gold in the world to make all currency worth anything.

I digress.

As I was lying in bed around 6:30 this morning (damn you internal clock!) remembering that I’d forgotten to write a post yesterday, I thought this entire entry out. I somehow came to a conclusion that talked about how I didn’t really like child actors. It stemmed from saying that I was constantly searching for a perfect haircut, which is a universal search for women, I believe. I don’t know how I got to that, but I really believe it, so I’m putting it in. Then I thought about Project Greenlight and how when the hopeful writers were pitching their movie they kept saying that it had a universal theme. And then I started thinking about how that whole project didn’t last as long as it could have, mainly because the movies weren’t that great. The first one (if I remember correctly) had child actors. And, as stated above, I really don’t like them. They don’t yet know how to act, so they always end up looking like someone’s whispering in their ear, “Ok, now look sad. Oh! Now you’re surprised!” There are exceptions of course. Haley Joel Osment was adorable ( look at him now!!), and that Dakota Fanning is cute enough to eat with a spoon. She’s good, too.

And that’s how the post ended in my thoughts. And then I went to sleep. So even though I’ve missed a day, I hope I’ve provided enough to make up for it.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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