I knew it!

My health has been getting progressively worse with each passing day. Today was the worst by far, with the sneezing and the coughing, the runny nose and the imploding head. I finally took control (as well as you can take control of your health) and checked the weather for central Texas. A COLD FRONT!! As in, a real cold front. Temperatures will be getting down to the upper thirties tomorrow night. I know, I’m excited too! Mainly because this means my allergies have just been warning me that some major shit is coming, and they’ll go back to being only mildly annoying in a day or two.

This also means I can pull out my winter music. I have a lot of cds, but really only listen to about half with any consistency. Of those, some seem to show up more during certain seasons. For example, The Arcade Fire is a winter band for me. Mainly because I finally bought their cd just as the weather turned cold last year. I wrapped presents to it. Good times.

I also have music that seems to be my “the seasons are changing” music. I’ve been listening to Whiskeytown and Wilco a lot lately. Almost exclusively. I (rather embarrasingly) didn’t know much about either before I met the boyfriend. After a month of dating, I moved to Austin. A few weeks later, he went to Mexico for a month. He ended up leaving me some of his books and cds that he thought I’d like. Some of those were Whiskeytown and Wilco cds. I think I fell completely in love with him when I listened to them. While I listen to both pretty regularly, these two bands sure can accompany a change in the weather. If you’ve never listened to either, I suggest you grab them now while the weather’s changing (assuming you’re in Texas too).

I’ll help get you started. Pneumonia will change your life. (Maybe. Or you’ll just really enjoy a cd. Either way, it’s good.)

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  1. Hey, good luck with NaBloPoMo and enjoy that Texas winter!


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