Rumsfeld is gone. Why did this take so long? Oh yeah, our President’s got blinders on.

Walking home, I ended up behind a student finishing his cigarette. The downwind was blowing the smoke in my face, and immediately I hated it. I’m not going to say that people shouldn’t smoke at all, and I’m not going to try to tell smokers when and where they should smoke. I don’t understand the allure, but that doesn’t matter right now.

The second I’m around smoke, my head or chest tells me what it thinks. It’s worse when I’m walking rather briskly, breathing a little faster and harder than usual. I don’t have asthma, but my allergies frequently make it a little more difficult for me to breathe at the same level that most others do from day to day. (I realize that asthmatics have it a lot worse, so don’t get angry with me) And once that smoke gets in there, you can forget it. It just doesn’t feel good.

I guess I just wish I could either a) breathe much better than I can so that smoke doesn’t bother me so much, or b) figure out how to navigate the wind successfully every time I’m around a cigarette.

So anyway, I should tell you how much I love the commercial on the TV right now for Senokot. “Naturally Gentle, Gentle Naturally.” It’s a laxative. The commercial contained: a man giving a woman flowers he picked, a deer running, a basketful of puppies, a little boy petting a kitten, etc. Does this make you want to go to the bathroom? Or at least take Senokot if you can’t? Tell me someone, because all I can do is laugh.


2 Responses

  1. You think you have it bad?? We asthmatics have it worse! You just don’t understand!

    (All in jest, naturally.)


    PS: Disco Bill says hello.

  2. Um, I think you win the award for most random post ever. Politics, cigarettes and lexatives all in one. I love it! And I have no thoughts whatsoever on your question.

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