God love him. I think Huntsville should build a statue of Rick Linklater. They should make it taller than Sam Houston’s and place it across from him on I-45.

I get the Paramount’s weekly email with usually the same events heralded over and over again. But something compelled me to scroll down the entire email last week, where I happened upon the Austin premier of A Scanner Darkly. I bought tickets on the spot, but apparently I’d seen the notice too late to get good seats. We were parked in the (way the hell up there) upper balcony. We saw the film just fine, but when Linklator, his producer Tommy Pallotta, and Rory Cochrane were on stage for the Q&A, the view was rather disappointing.

On a side note: People, do some research. Rory Cochrane is your beloved Slater from Dazed and Confused, the one everyone quotes at least once in their life after seeing the movie. He was even in the mainstream CSI: Miami for the rest of the world. But when his name was announced as being present, maybe five (5!) of us audience members acted like we cared. Really? In my mind, he was one of the few actors who made Dazed all that it could be. He was Slater. Dammit people. Do your homework.

The movie, of course, was brilliant. The animation was amazing. I really should read the book. I thought Keanu was actually good, but I may have just been swept away by the premier atmosphere. I almost cried at the end. You should see this movie.

Also, the rice at Chipotle is delicious.


2 Responses

  1. I saw a clip of it last night. Can’t wait to see it just to “see” it … besides whatever story it has to offer.

  2. Please do not forget that our beloved Rory Cochrane was Lucas in Empire Records.

    Also, Martha Washington was a hip, hip lady, man.

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