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I tend to enjoy www.dooce.com a lot. Probably more than I should. When it gets incredibly slow at work (like it has been since I started almost two months ago), I make my rounds of websites. Mostly I end up reading stuff (as opposed to playing stuff) and I frequently end up at Dooce’s website last…sort of a treat for getting through all of the other places.

She takes a picture everyday (how glorious is that?) and I apparently decided to try to look at every picture in her archives. At least, that’s what I now think I did. My mind stopped thinking, my finger kept clicking “previous,” and my emotions took over. You’re probably thinking about how cheesy this is, right? But something inside of me just thought that every picture depicting a good time or an adorable daughter or an obedient dog was the best thing I’d ever seen. It made me long for the time when I’ll have a family, a pet, a house, a life like that. I think that today…but next week I’ll probably be ecstatic that I can go to a movie premier without having to be concerned with anyone but myself (and Richard Linklater, god love him).

It also made me wonder if my mom sometimes looks back at pictures of us kids and finds tears in her eyes. She’s not the most emotionally outspoken person in the world, but there was never a question of whether or not we made her life complete. Now we’re all grown up, and I wonder what that feels like. It can’t be too terrible I guess, as I’m the only child out of three that doesn’t live within a one mile radius of my parents.

So go check out Dooce’s website. And maybe I’ll be a professional blog writer one day too.

Probably not.


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  1. At the very least, your blogs ARE interesting. You have a certain tone about your blogs that I enjoy. I think it’s called your writing voice.
    Also, I think there is nothing wrong with not talking to people who try to make your life miserable. Like they say when you have nothing nice to say, it is better to say nothing at all. I guess you could have stopped, let her talk, and stare blankly at her, blinking a few times without speaking, but she may have thought that was more weird than just ignoring her / not hearing her. I enjoy doing that to people. It makes them really insecure. 🙂

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