Former Boss

As I was walking home today, I stopped to talk to a friend who was biking by. He was explaining to me why he was thinking of selling his car. This led to a conversation about how his aunt had given him 1000 Swiss franc and he had to drive all over Austin trying to get the best exchange rate. The conversation ended with him looking up and quickly saying, “Oh there comes your boss. I’d better let you go.” I quickly glanced in the direction that he just had and saw my (devilish) former boss walking toward us. I mentioned something like, “Yeah, you’re right I’d better go” as I turned in the direction I had been heading, quickly putting my headphones on.

My music was up loud enough (and she was far enough away) for me to pretend that I didn’t hear her calling my name and not feel too guilty, but the simple fact was that I heard her. I heard her and kept walking. I tried to turn my head so that she could see my headphones blocking out her voice, but I doubt she got that message. I’m sure she understood that I just really didn’t want to spend any of my time talking to her. She caused me a lot of grief. If I can avoid thinking about that now, I will.

But, amazingly, I still feel like a horrible person. Shouldn’t I have swallowed any ill will I feel toward her and turned around? Shouldn’t I have had small talk (“Hi, how are you? Fine. Yeah, walking home. New job’s great (mainly because you’re not my boss anymore). Ok, see you later”) Would that have taken SO much out of me?



2 Responses

  1. damn… you hold a grudge…

    Not that I blame you.

    Oh, and yes, I am still considering selling my car.

  2. Hey, If you see me and don’t want to talk, just wave and point to the earphones, smile big and wave again and be on your way. Although, I hope you remember me as one of the good bosses. Grin.

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