It’s a sloooooow day at work today.

Ever noticed that some people are just more prone to being called “sweetie” by perfect strangers? I’ve always seemed to have that. I’m not sure if it’s entirely based on my looks, which are admittedly deceiving (I’m really not 18, I promise). I have a feeling it might have something to do with my voice. Is this a Southern thing?

I’m reading ‘The DaVinci Code’ right now. And it makes me wonder. Why is Dan Brown considered an author? Why does the whole world seem to be enamored with this book? There are some interesting theories, yes, but the whole style of writing is very underwhelming. There is so much explanation involved that I am almost halfway through the book and only 4-6 hours have passed in the story. Brown seems to have this smirk on his face the entire way through, like he feels very proud of himself that he knows more than the reader, and he’s really doing us a favor by laying it out so simply. Honestly, even I knew the account number for the vault was the number sequence left by the dead old man. It took Brown’s characters (a French cryptologist and Harvard symbologist) 3-4 pages to figure this out. Instead of yelling at the book, trying to help them figure it out, I had to roll my eyes. If we’re really supposed to think these people are so much smarter than us, we shouldn’t figure things out before them. (I will admit, though, that I hadn’t thought to rearrange the numbers. Touche, Brown. Jerk.)

I think I offend some people when I say I didn’t like this book. I’m sorry. But at least I read it, eh?